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We provide premium IT Support to growing businesses. This service is tailored to the needs, size and dynamics of your business.

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About Us


10+ IT support, powered by Tranter IT is an integrated technology support service which provides premium IT support to small and medium scale enterprises. 


This level of support was previously only available to large organizations but now Tranter IT has put together this service that is tailored to the needs, size and dynamics of your business. 


10+ provides a full range of IT support services to ensure optimum productivity and business continuity.

Designed for growing businesses 

Tranter IT has been servicing top enterprise environments in Nigeria for over 13 years.

Tranter IT now provides the same quality of premium IT support tailored to small and medium scale enterprises.


Start as low as ₦30,000

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Premium IT Support

10+ IT Support gives you access to a whole IT department for the price of one resource, using our shared resource principles and strategies. It is not magic, it’s just SMART

Grow your business

With over 20 years of experience in scaling up businesses across Nigeria through world-class consulting services and project management, your business will grow 10x faster with 10+.

Affordable Pricing

We deliver quality efficiently. Save more by signing up now with 10+ for your professional IT Operational services.

Employee Productivity

Unburden your staff of operational activities and let them think more creatively and strategically. At 10+, we support you all the way.

Our Expertise


IT Support


Hardware Support (PC/Laptop, Printer, Routers, Switches, Hubs)

Software support


User Data


Critical Applications


Enterprise Data


Disaster Recovery


Endpoint protection (Anti-virus)


Firewall management


PC configuration


Data encryption


Authorization and Authentication management


Laptops, Desktops





Routers and Switches


Access points




Firewall Appliance


Microsoft solutions

(MS office, exchange, etc.)


ManageEngine solutions


Zoho solutions


Adobe Autodesk




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For your organization to have done over Eight years with us, it means you keep your values which is why we are still doing business with you

- Service Delivery Manager, Commercial Bank

Powered by Tranter IT

Tranter IT is an IT infrastructure service provider with a vision to make IT Services solutions available to all companies in Sub Saharan Africa. With a staff strength of over 300 and a combined experience within the service delivery world of over 100 years, there is no better-positioned organization in Nigeria to help you meet your needs.

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