Quality Air & Covid-19:

How to improve Productivity and Safety using IoT

May 19th, 2021

11:00 AM


About the Webinar 

This webinar aims to educate Nigeria’s corporate, industrial, and manufacturing world about air quality monitoring. The goal is to highlight how it affects health, safety, and productivity (poor concentration, tiredness, drowsiness, headache, etc.) in the workplace; also highlight the relationship between air quality and the spread on the pandemic (Covid 19).


As Nigeria’s economic hub, Lagos is one of the world’s fastest growing mega cities. That Rapid growth has had a downside of high rates of illness and premature death caused by unhealthy air. A recent World Bank study, the Cost of Air Pollution in Lagos, estimates that illness and premature deaths due to ambient air pollution caused losses of $2.1 billion in 2018, representing about 2.1% of Lagos State’s GDP.


When levels of CO2 rise and there is less fresh air, it can cause headaches, restlessness, drowsiness and more. High levels are directly correlated to low productivity, high sick leave and infectious disease transmission, making this a crucial concern in office, school and home environments.

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Our Panelists 


Executive Director

IoT Africa & Tranter IT



Connected Finland


Head of International Relations, Rapal Oy

What you will learn 

Each attendee should leave with the understanding of:

  • How air quality monitoring helps less downtime, increase productivity, increase workforce output, and increase revenue.

  • Air Quality Monitoring Data Analytics.

  • Air Quality Monitoring Challenges.

  • Our range of products that apply to the Air Quality Management sector, their functions, features and advantages.

  • How adopting our products can improve their revenue streams and help their clients reduce operational costs.

  • IoT Africa's commitment to drive digitization of the Air Quality Management sector in Nigeria with IoT.


How to join in the stream?

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