New Year Message from the Executive Chairman

I wish you all a very Happy New Year! Happy 2019! God bless Tranter IT and all who help and serve her.

I greet you with an excited heart and a lot of hope and expectation for 2019 and 2020. The last three months have been some of the toughest months of my life and indeed they were months that required a huge amount of faith, but it was all worth it and we have conquered. In the midst of an economy that seems to point downwards, we are making positive, aggressive plans to invest in new businesses and to expand our product range and dramatically increase our sales and profits thereby increasing our strength and the job security of us all. While many are shrinking or shying away from the investment we are investing aggressively. I believe that there is no other way to go if we are to ride the storm that is coming. A smart driver increases speed as he approaches a steep hill so as to have the momentum and speed to reach the pinnacle of that hill and have an easy ride down the other side.

In addition to our existing services such as Manage Engine, Enterprise IT and Digital Banking Support, hardware, software, printing inks and accessories sales , we are moving positively and surely into TechMed, Health care services, IoT solutions and networks, printing solutions for plastic cards and labels, wireless logistics solutions and IT Support for the SME market. These strategic business moves will open up very large markets for us and generate huge returns. To succeed we will have to act as an adhesive team and work smart, hard, diligently and conscientiously keeping our eye on the goals and not on our present situations whatever they may be. I am making and I will still make great sacrifices over the next two years because I believe in the future of Tranter IT and the thousands of jobs that we are going to create as well as the growth that all our staff will experience within two years from now. I ask you to join me on this journey to success, prosperity and greatness.

We are indeed fortunate to be where we are. We are at the door of prosperity and financial security and all we have to do is to remain focused and dedicated to the success of our existing lines of business. God will take care of the rest, as He has promised and as He is guiding us.

Many doors are flying open for us to achieve success in the very near future. Helpers are coming in droves. Clients are turning friendly. Enemies are quiet. God is with us on this journey and we remain blessed in Tranter IT. Join me, join the management, join hands with all our colleagues in embarking on this very exciting journey towards cutting edge solutions and excellence in all we do.

As usual I remain grateful to you all and of course, I love you all. God bless you and give you His grace, His peace and His protection this year and in the years to come. You are His children and He will remember you for good while He protects you and increases you. Amen

Lare Ayoola

Executive Chairman, Tranter IT

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