"Love Is The Key To Our Success At Tranter IT" – Adedayo Odubanjo

When you first step into the compound and look at the environs of Tranter IT, there is a curiosity that engulfs you and makes you eager to see what lays behind the building structure which boasts of over 40 years of existence.

A look into our offices, you’ll see staff who are sharing ideas, discussing future possibilities, being productive and most importantly the existence of genuine Love amongst the staff.

As we celebrate Valentine’s day, our interview today is with Adedayo Odubanjo, the Head, Human Resources, Tranter IT Infrastructure Services Limited and Tranter International LTD. Adedayo gives an insight on how she encourages employee motivation and a healthy work environment with love, which helps in fostering productivity and overall growth of the company which has almost 350 staff including about 300 IT Engineers.

Read the rest of Adedayo’s interesting interview below:

Fabwoman: Would you rather be doing anything else other than Human Resources?

Adedayo: [Smiles] Over my 10 years’ experience as an HR professional, I have acquired knowledge in social media marketing, digital marketing and also been an editor for a couple of websites so I will say that while I will continue to be an HR Professional, I am open to learning other skills that will help me be the best I can be.

Fabwoman: What is it like being the Head, Human Resources of an IT firm?

Adedayo: Because Tranter IT also renders IT support to clients all over Nigeria, it is quite demanding but I have learnt to put my Empathy, Conflict resolution, Critical thinking, Multitasking and Proactive skills into use on a high scale. The guidance of the Executive Management has also helped me perform my job effectively and efficiently.

Fabwoman: What are the core values of your organisation that has kept it in existence for over 28 years?

Adedayo: The core values of the Tranter Group are Team Work, Excellence, Integrity, Accountability and Innovation. We have however found out that even with all these values in place, the key to overall success at Tranter IT is the ability to show love to one another. The CEO, Lare Ayoola, has shared in various instances, the importance of love in creating a healthy and transparent environment which in turn leads to an organization’s overall success. Mr Ayoola believes that when you speak openly about your business to your employees and they feel comfortable coming to you with anything that’s on their minds, this can do wonders for the collective motivation of the workplace. That’s because love gives birth to transparency which in turn builds trust; when people understand that the Executive Management aren’t hiding anything, and that they’ll listen to anybody, they’re far more likely to respect and appreciate them. Employees are more comfortable bringing up what they like and don’t like, and there are more chances to nip potential problems in the bud by resolving them in a timely fashion.

Fabwoman: You say Love is the key to your organization’s success, how are you celebrating Valentine’s day with your employees?

Adedayo: [Smiles], It’s a tradition for us to share gifts amongst ourselves, so everyone looks forward to Valentine’s day, knowing they will be made to feel special and loved by their fellow colleagues.

Fabwoman: Any final words?

Adedayo: With genuine love, you can never go wrong. Love should not only be shown through words spoken but also by consistent actions and acts of service. Love should also not only be shown on Valentine’s day but every day.

Fabwoman: Thank you for your time with us

Adedayo: Thank you for having me.

Source: https://fabwoman.ng/valentines-day-special-love-is-the-key-to-our-success-at-tranter-it-adedayo-odubanjo/

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